Meet The Bunnies

Chai: My Main Man My Chai-Nanigan Man

Chai was the runt of the litter and was hand raised as he wasn’t nursing. Chai was a very bossy bunny and defiantly ruled the house, he loved his treats and if he’d had it his way he would have been eating chocolate and anything else sweet (he had been known to literally steal chocolate right out of my mouth!).

Mocha: Mr Cheeky

Mocha is Chai’s direct brother and he loved him dearly. The bond between these two was beautiful and Chai’s outgoing side was what really helped to bring Mocha out of his shell. I would often spot Mocha showering Chai in kisses although I’m pretty sure Chai thought Mocha was his personal groomer.

Theia: Mumma Bun

Theia is both Chai and Mocha’s Mum and Jinkx’s Aunty, or she is Jinkx’s Mum and Chai and Mocha’s Aunty, we’ll never know for sure but we do know they are all family. Theia is a very sweet little lady whose personality and confidence grows more and more every day. She loves her head rubs and one important part of the day with Theia is that when you put fresh hay in you’ll find her waiting for you to find her the best piece of hay that she will politely take from you and hop off and eat it.

Jinkx: The BIG Baby

Jinkx the big brother, well as far as size goes. Jinkx is a bit of a scaredy cat but since coming home he has gradually warmed up to us now allowing regular head rubs and thoroughly enjoying his free time outside with his mum Theia. Jinkx has a skill at doing the fastest zoomies in and out the doggy door over and over, it’s so funny to watch.


Delilah Shay: Miss Lullaby AND Abigail Mia: Little Miss Cuddles

These two girls are the sweetest bunnies, while Abby loves to get all the pats and cuddles, Lilah enjoys licking you and falling asleep and scaring me to death. The girls are often spotted flopped out, sleeping snuggled up in their igloo or chewing something up together.


Ululani: Inspiration AND Kaipo: Sweetheart

We rescued Ululani and Kaipo and welcomed them into our home knowing that they were expecting babies. From day one Kaipo has been nothing but the sweetest bunny doting on his bun wife and being such an amazing daddy bun. Ululani was very nervous when she arrived home, but with a gentle touch and safe home she slowly found trust in us. She’s blessed us with 6 handsome boys and 1 gorgeous girl.


Buttons, Snuggle Bum, Squirt, Precious, Shiloh, Sherlock and the gorgeous Harry.

The babies are all so adorable and even though their all getting up to mischief, I can’t imagine our home without them.