It had been quite a few years since I’d had bunnies in my life so after adopting brothers Chai and Mocha, I was excited to research what they could and couldn’t eat. I found a lot of information regarding the health issues rabbits can be prone too, due to incorrect and inadequate diet. And so began my journey looking at what foods would not only be beneficial to their health but have the potential to prevent and even treat some of these concerns. With my research under way I started making specialty treats for my boys.

My Bunny family quickly grew from 2 to 4 to 6 bunnies and I was making a variety of treats for them all, I thought how great it would be if other parents could offer their bunnies my treats and know that they were providing them with healthy treats. And there came the idea of “THE VEGAN RABBIT”.

Sadly in August 2018 one of my precious babies Chai passed away very suddenly. I struggled greatly with the loss of Chai, he had such a huge impact on my life and he was and still is a great motivation in my desire to make my treats available to other bunny parents out there. At a point after Chai passed away “THE VEGAN RABBIT” very nearly ceased, but I didn’t want to stop doing something that I not only enjoyed but was largely started because of Chai and his brother Mocha, I wanted to do it and remember him.

In late September 2018 my family grew once more with the arrival of Ululani and Kaipo taking our family to 7 and in October Ululani blessed us with the arrival of her babies.Today our home is filled with bunnies, each of them with their own little personalities and needs to help them be the best bunnies they can be.